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florist software
flower shop web designs
florist software
flower shop software
flower shop website design
flower shop web design
flower shop software
flower shop web designs
florist software
flower shop software
Merchandising Manager

flower shop software
Website Design
Quick Start Empower
Number of static information pages (max) 10 20
Number of product pages (max; no. is dynamic based on products) 100 Unlimited
Select one style from the existing ones
Customisation of the style with custom site theme image and logo
Customer provided copy
Customer provided graphic (Static or Animated)*
Image enlargement facility
Customer provided logo
Contact form
Change specified areas of homepage from admin panel
Catalog Features    
Number of products 100 Unlimited
Number of categories Unlimited Unlimited
Depth of sub-categories Unlimited Unlimited
Product search
Advanced search -
Product images
Multiple images of the same product
Product description
Product attributes -
Product manufacturers / brands
Customer enters delivery date during shopping
Display products category-wise
Display products occasion-wise -
Display products price-wise -
Customer registration and account login
Minimum order value
Separate shipping and billing addresses
Automatic email of receipt to customer
Featured products on homepage
Merchandising Tools    
Put products on sale -
Product cross-sell -
Product reviews -
Add to wishlist option -
Discount coupons -
Administration Features    
Add/Edit/Delete categories and sub-categories
Add/Edit/Delete products
Configure special / on sale products -
Configure expected products
Configure featured products
Setup attributes (ex. Color options - Red, Yellow for Roses)
Setup cross-sell products -
Configure tax
Product list export (CSV)
Customer data export (CSV)
Unlimited changes to catalog
Set status of categories / products to active or inactive
Static information page editor
Order manager - process orders
Customer manager
Generate discount coupons -
Manage product reviews -
Credit card (Paypal)
Offline payment
Account number (Credit account)
Sales - daily, weekly, monthly
Products viewed
Top sellers quantity-wise -
Top sellers price-wise -
Total orders per customer - value-wise -
Inventory report
Customer statistics
Web statistics
Keywords search at site - statistics
Initial Store setup    
Configuration and setup of store
Adding categories and products (if info provided in .xls format)
Annual Updates    
Changes per year (Content & Images only; no design or functionality changes) 1 3
FTP hosting disk space 50 MB 100 MB
Bandwidth transfer per month 2 Gb 5 Gb
POP3 accounts 5 10
E-mail forwarders 5 10
Auto-responders 5 10
Default catch-all mailbox
Email manager (manage all aspects of your mail account)
Delivery / Development Timeline    
Development time (No. of business days after receipt of materials) 15 15
Telephone support
Email support


Phone Help
United States of America


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